Bhanu Srikanth - Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of Jargon, Bhanu is responsible for account management, business development, and overall strategy of the company. Through five and half years of strategic growth and satisfied customers, Bhanu has had the priveledge of working with Studio, Creative, and Authoring partners to deliver entertainment in exciting new ways on a medium used by millions of people. Most importantly, she is also the Chief Culture Officer, and ensures that all talent hired can support Jargon's vigorous coding standards and robust delivery methodologies.

Bhanu has over 15 years experience in software design and development. She transitioned into media technology in early 2002 when she joined Panasonic Hollywood Laboratories (PHL). At PHL, as part of the core R&D team that developed and evolved the Blu-ray™ format, she was involved in various aspects of Blu-ray™ technology; starting from pre-conception of the format through format standardization, building authoring tools and developing some of the early BD-Java & BD-Live™ titles. Bhanu spearheaded PHL's Blu-ray™ authoring group during the startup phase of the Blu-ray production, hiring & training staff, defining technical standards for asset delivery, authoring/programming & QC, and interfacing with creative, encryptors, replicators and player companies on title production matters. She also serves as a faculty at Javelin's HDTC, and co-developed targeted curriculum for various entities in Blu-ray™ Production chains to help them transition from DVD to Blu-ray™. She has conducted numerous training seminars for studios, producers, authors/programmers for Javelin. Bhanu holds a B.Sc in Physics and an Masters in Computer Science(MCA) from University of Delhi and University of Hyderabad in India.

Jeff Schulz - Vice President of Platform Development

As Vice President of Platform Development, Jeff is responsible for designing application frameworks and architectures that can be reused and extended over many implementations. Jeff understands the mission of an architect, to design systems that are efficient and reusable while also meeting the practical needs of a developer. Over the last three years at Jargon, Jeff has successfully architected platforms and frameworks used on millions of Blu-ray discs and he brings that experience to developing on new platforms such as Android.

Jeff has over 10 years of experience in Java spanning J2SE, J2EE and J2ME. He began his career developing PC games before the introduction of 3D hardware accelerators, programming in C and assembly language. He migrated to the mobile applications industry in its infancy, developing multimedia clients published by Sprint, Nextel, and Verizon, providing feedback on early KVM implementations, as well as assisting Nextel on back-end provisioning. Jeff has over 3 years of experience programming in BD-Java including tools and advanced title development, supporting Panosonic Hollywood Laboratories and Deluxe Digital Studios in their effort to establish Blu-ray title production processes and foundations. Jeff holds a B.S in Computer Science and a B.A in Applied Mathematics from New York State University, Buffalo, New York.

Nathan Epstein - Chief Operating Officer

As COO, Nathan is responsible for the successful execution and delivery of projects to our clients. Through Nathan's leadership, the team of Jargon developers have delivered complex applications on time and on budget for very high profile titles including Ice Age and Alvin and the Chipmunks. Nathan's understanding of technology, management of risk, and ability to multi-task make him an ideal Chief Operating Officer.

Nathan has over 10 years of experience in the Media industry as former Authoring Manager at Ascent Media and Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory. As Authoring Manager at Ascent, he oversaw Ascent's DVD authoring division comprised of 16 authors, programmers and Pre-Qual technicians. He also established the UMD unit at Ascent and created templates for efficient and rapid development of UMD titles, and later kick-started their Blu-ray authoring division. At PHL, he was part of the team that evolved the BD-J framework and programmed some of the most advanced games and applications found on major studio titles, including the award-winning Liar's Dice game on Pirates Of Caribbean 2. Nathan has a B.A in Film Studies from University of Kansas, Kansas.