Indigo Ultra™ Blu-ray™ Authoring System - Next Gen Blu-ray Authoring Technology

Indigo Ultra is a comprehensive authoring platform that enables the production of Blu-ray™ and ULTRA HD Blu-ray™ titles. Indigo Ultra is based on Panasonic’s Blu-ray™ Authoring technology which was instrumental in launching Blu-ray™ format and has been used to author hundreds of cutting edge and award winning Blu-ray™ titles.

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Blu-ray™ Application Framework- BD Java Platform

Jargon’s Blu-ray Application Framework offers a robust, field-tested library of code that hides the complexities of Blu-ray™ device compatibility problems and allows programmers to focus on developing consumer-centric interactive experiences. Writing an application that conforms to the Blu-ray spec and works on the hundreds of Blu-ray players in the market is a Herculean task. Add the fact that many players do not support a network connection, and therefore cannot receive application updates, and it becomes clear that Blu-ray applications must be perfect from the time they are released to manufacturing. With hundreds of titles using Jargon's framework, our clients and partners can be sure their projects will be delivered in a robust and timely manner.

JargonTalk™ - Multi-screen multi-platform technology

JargonTalk is a patented, powerful cross-platform API that enables discovery and communication on a local network. With the proliferation of network-enabled devices, it's becoming more and more important for applications to connect and share information. JargonTalk gets your apps talking - across devices, across platforms, and across protocols. It has powered second screen applications for high profile Hollywood blockbuster movies such as Happy Feet, Sherlock Holmes - Game of Shadows, Rio, Epic, Wolverine, X-Men Days Of Future Past.

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Blu-ray - BDK Toolbox

Jargon’s BDK Toolbox consists of a set of tools and utilities that streamline the development of Blu-ray Java applications by bridging the gap between HDMV and BD-Java layer. The toolbox a simple interface to perform BD-J development tasks, as well as command line tools and XML configuration files.

Jaguar - Backend Gaming Service

Jaguar enables push notifications, dynamic content updates for iOS, Android and mobile apps.

iOS/Android - Mobile Game Engines

The Jargon Mobile Game Engines provide for 3D modeled graphics, animations and hide the painful fragmentation issues. Customize it and brand it - your own way.
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