X-Men Movies Cerebro on iOS App store, Google Play and Amazon store

Check out Twentieth Century Fox's Cerebro app on iOS and Android to track mutants and keep up with X-Men happenings. Featured by Apple on iTunes store for its creative design and programming, this app is the definitive source for all official X-Men movie news and the complete reference for mutants in the X-Men movies universe! Jargon did the creative design and development to make the digital Cerebro look fluid and holographic to mimic the one conceived in X-Men comics and movies.

Foodimal Funimal for Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs: On iOS and Android

A blockbuster app for a blockbuster movie, Sony Picture's Cloudy with A Chance of Meatball 2. Jargon developed 5 different games and packaged it in a single app called "Foodimal Funimal". Tickle Barry to fill your screen with decoy berries. Go on a Pickle Fishing expedition with Tim. Find A Matchimal by playing a foodimal take on the classic card matching memory game. Find the Foodimals hidden around your living room. Chester holograms are after the foodimals, stop them with a cheeseweb before he gets them in Cheespider Splat! Finally, with the Cloudy Shake blend a colorful bevy of ingredients and see the results. Once blended, you can drink the shake or pour it on a friend and share the result!

Wolverine Second Screen App on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Store

Designed & Developed by Jargon, Wolverine Second Screen App is a visual treat! It allows you to view Twentieth Century Fox's The Wolverine in an exciting new way! JargonTalk allows you to sync the App with The Wolverine Blu-ray disc and your BD-Live enabled Blu-ray player for the ultimate Second Screen experience. As you watch the movie, immerse yourself in the world of The Wolverine with exclusive never-before-seen content. Explore the visual effects sequences, costume tests, and access gallery images including hundreds of storyboards, concept art, and more! Flick images to your TV screen to get a closer detailed look. Go deeper with Live Lookup powered by IMDb® to view cast filmographies as you watch the movie, integrated Social features to share your favorite extras on Facebook and Twitter, and a built-in Blu-ray remote!

Walking With The Dinosaurs- Blu-ray Special Features

For the BBC/Twentieth Century Fox's Blu-ray release of Walking With The Dinosaurs, Jargon produced, designed and developed four interactive special features - The Ultimate Dino Guide, Match The Call, Interactive Map and Brainosaur Trivia track. The Ultimate Dino Guide educates and entertains the viewer on the secrets of the dinosaur species in the movie. See if you live where a Dinosaur lived once using the Interactive map. This feature takes the viewer on an interactive tour of late cretaceous earth where dinos roamed the earth. In Match The Call game, test your listening skills and match the dino to it's call. Don't worry, hints are provided as an immersive puzzle comes together while you ponder your Dino answer. Brainosaur Trivia Track lets you become a Dino expert as you are being entertained by the movie.

Stir Fried Cooking Game on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Store

Discover the Recipe for Fun! Indulge your inner chef, without the mess or the money in Stir-Fried Cooking Game that takes you on an international culinary adventure. Create eclectic fusion of flavors using bell peppers from Hollywood Farmers Market, sesame oil from Shanghai Night Market, and Coconut Milk from floating markets of Bangkok.

Circuit Breaker Science Game on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Store

A game of strategy where users get to complete a circuit in order to launch a rocket, power a city, send a rocket soaring into the sky etc. Mods such as Flexchips, Pushers, Pullers, and Teleports are provided to guide the spark to its goal. Rise to the challenge and see if you have what it takes to run the circuit!

Epic Coloring & Storybook Builder on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Store

This app takes coloring to Epic proportions! Jargon conceived the creative design and programmed the app for Twentieth Century Fox's movie Epic. Color your favorite characters from the movie and create your own storybook with your paintings.Weave your own story, write custom captions for each page of your book and even record your own audio for each page. When you're finished creating, share your paintings and storybooks with family and friends by “flicking“ them onto your TV screen. Hear your voice booming from your living room speakers, telling your own story with the characters from Epic! The app use JargonTalk technology to transfer user created paintings, voice and text between the tablet and smartphone to the Blu-ray player/TV screen.

Flip Out Memory Game on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Store

FLIP OUT is a unique, engaging matching game with plenty of unexpected twists and turns. Users uncover tiles to try and form matches against a ticking clock! Along the way they may encounter dangerous wildcards, which can set you back or start the entire game over!At times, they can get lucky to get extra time or cards that give a peek.

Smurf-O-Vision on iTunes

Sony Pictures' popular title, Smurfs, uses JargonTalk technology to communicate bettween iPad/iPhone and Blu-ray/Television providing an immersisve second screen app in Smurf-O-Vision.

Prometheus - iOS and Android Second Screen App

For the highly acclaimed Blu-ray release of Prometheus, Jargon engineered a second screen solution for iOS and Android. While the user enjoys the movie on Blu-ray, they can interact with the movie using their iOS and Android device by flinging content from the device onto the television, chatting with their facebook friends, even using the devices as their Blu-ray remote control. Inter device communication was powered by Jargon's proprietary JargonTalk™ technology.

The Amazing Spider-Man - Second Screen App

For the second screen app of the highly acclaimed movie, The Amazing Spider-Man, Sony chose JargonTalk™, Jargon's second screen technology for the apps to sync with the Blu-ray release. As the movie plays on Blu-ray, user can follow along with the movie using the Movie Timeline, offering scene-specific cast and crew interviews, special effects tests, stunt footage, trivia and more. For a stand-alone experience, the user can browse through the Production Notes and uncover the secrets behind The Amazing Spider-Man's development, production, and completion. Inter-device communication for iOS, Android and Blu-ray was powered by Jargon's proprietary JargonTalk™ technology. The Android version was developed by Jargon’s engineers using Jargon’s Android framework that supports rapid prototype and development on this complex, fragmented platform.

Croods Coloring on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon store

Color your favorite characters from the FUNNIEST ADVENTURE OF THE YEAR, Croods. Make your own Storybook and share it on your TV Screen!

Drop Kick Soccer Game on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Store

This is not just another soccer game. his soccer field is an obstacle course with ever changing mines! Some mines should be avoided and some needs to be hit to gather bonus points. You will be guided by amazing physics in your attempts to get your ball across the field.

Pirate Picasso - Android App

Color your favorite characters from Ice Age - Continental Drift. Available on the smallest Android phones to the largest tablets, this app provides endless coloring fun!

Chipwrecked - Android App

Color your favorite characters from Alvin and the Chipmunks. Use bucket-paint, draw, zoom and share your work of art on facebook and Twitter. Available on the smallest Android phones to the largest tablets, this app provides endless coloring fun and is very popular on Google Play!

Rio - Postcard Maker

For Rio Postcard, Jargon engineers developed BD DirectPrint(tm), a technology that pushes the limits of Blu-ray technology to enable the postcard to be printed from a Blu-ray player directly to a printer on the home network. BD DirectPrint implements a DLNA client on the disc to discover and access a printer on the home network. For the benefit of users without DLNA printers, Jargon implemented a name service to enable access to the finished postcard from a web browser. Thus, after creating a fun and unique RIO postcard, a user could print it in full color, email it to their friends, upload it to Facebook, set as wallpaper on their phone, or share it in whatever way they wanted.

Rio - Coloring Book on Google Play

Check out "Rio: Coloring With Blu" in GooglePlay and see what the reviewers are saying. Rio: Coloring With Blu is an Android app that provides hours of entertainment value to children of all ages by allowing them to choose different characters from the movie Rio and combine them with different backgrounds to paint, allowing endless combinations and variety.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Flip Cup Trivia

Don't miss what one reviewer called "the first remote control-based trivia game on a Blu-ray I've ever played that's actually been fun". The Sunny Flip Cup Trivia Challenge on the Blu-ray release of " It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 6" offers five fun games packed in one. These games were developed using Jargon's BD Bridge framework.

Avatar - Extended Edition

In partnership with Panasonic Hollywood Lab, Jargon created Disc 3 of Avatar Special edition which demonstrates how Avatar was visualized, shot, and layered with final effects, using multi-angle display. This entire disc, providing the consumer with insight into the film-making process, was programmed and authored by Jargon.