Discover the Recipe for Fun!

Indulge your inner chef, without the mess or the money! Choose from ready-to-go recipes in Pro-Chef mode, or create your own in Home Cooking mode to add to your recipe book.


Embark on an international culinary adventure!

Shop for ingredients at markets around the world! Pick up bell peppers in Hollywood and sesame oil in Shanghai, as the app guides you to various countries and cultures, allowing you to create an eclectic fusion of flavors.


Immerse yourself in a flavorful cooking experience!

Get cooking as the app guides you through adding, stirring, and tossing ingredients. Each ingredient’s cook time is crafted based on texture, flavor, and speed of cooking.


Enjoy the payoff for all your hard work!

When cooking is complete, pour yourself cup of tea and see what the judges have to say about your dish. Bask in the glow of any awards you may have won.


Share the flavor with friends by posting awards and dishes on Facebook, and don’t forget to use your sizzling new skills in your real-world kitchen.


We’re always adding new recipes, ingredients and markets. Drop us a line if there’s a recipe or ingredient you’d like to see!




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