Energize your mind, and find the path to power!

Do you have what it takes to turn a Ferris wheel, launch a rocket, or power a city? Can you master a circuit without short-circuiting your brain? Yes you can! You can do it when you place your Mods– Flexchips, Pushers, Pullers, and Teleports– on a course and fire your spark to its goal. Mods are given to you at the beginning of each level. More can be purchased in the store. It’s up to you where to place your Mods in order to guide your spark across the board. Watch out for Gold Diodes and Faulty Wires, which can add or subtract from your score. Hitting the goal with your spark will allow you to power objects and best of all, win more Mods for your next challenge!

  • TAP your circuit breaker
  • LAUNCH your spark
  • BOUNCE off resistors
  • SPIN out from pushers
  • SPIRAL down from pullers
  • TELEPORT from one point to another
  • POWER the world
  • SHARE your results on Facebook
  • ENERGIZE your mind

    Rise to the challenge and see if you have what it takes to run the circuit!

    Earn real rewards for playing with mPoints! (Select territories only)

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